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Year Round or Three Season Options Available

Crown Sunrooms are perfect for homeowners who are looking to enjoy the outdoors year round, without having to worry about rain, insects, or harmful UV rays. At Crown  Sunrooms, we manufacture our  own sunrooms for both year round and three season use. A room for every budget and need. We also manufacture patio and porch covers.  Click any tab to learn more about each product.


Explore what makes our Super-Room so super,

 or our 3 Season Leisure Room more relaxing. See what makes our roof so rigid, our wall panels so protective or our poly decks so sound! Plus check out the many options for each product.

The Super-Room™

Earthwise Windows

Insulated Roof System

Non-Dent Insulated Panels

3 Season Room

Crown has separated itself from the competition with our new composite wall.  We have been nationally recognized for this exclusive product innovation.  Composite materials have revolutionized almost every industry including automotive, aviation, boating and building products.

What makes it SUPER?


Exclusive vinyl/wood composite construction


Blends in with all types of architecture


•  Quick installation system. No contractors hanging

    around for months!


•  Maintenance free and dent free


•  Colors available: white, almond and clay


•  Built-in electrical raceways


•  Optional High performance Low-E glass with

   Super Spacer®


•  Optional custom made shades


Our exclusive composite material utilizes the strength of wood and combines that with the low conductivity and low maintenance of vinyl.  You see, no longer do you need to settle for COLD aluminum hidden behind a thin sleeve of vinyl or coated with paint! You have the choice of the warmth and strength of our exclusive composite product!


The Super-Room is also engineered with an internal bracketing system, totally eliminating the unsightly screws and fasteners from the inside and outside of your room.


Combine all of thiswith our non-dent panels, energy efficient windows, insulated roof and decking, built in electrical raceways, color options and even optional

custom made shades, and you’ll have a new

“favorite room in the house”.

Earthwise Windows

Where's The Foam

Sunshield® Frames

Low-E Glass

Super Spacer®

The Earthwise Group is a national network of locally owned, independent manufacturers who design and build high‐quality windows and doors.


With sculpted millwork lines and fusion‐welded sashes and mainframes, Earthwise Windows & Doors combine classic looks with advanced engineering.


Our products meet the highest energy standards in the industry, including those set by the U.S. government’s Energy Star program, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and The American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA).


Earthwise Windows & Doors also carry the Good Housekeeping Seal and are the first and only window and door products to be Made in USA Certified.

A large selection of window

styles to fit any home


  Tilt-Wash Double Hung Windows

  Tilt-Wash Single Hung Windows

  End Vent Picture Windows

  Center Vent Picture Windows

  Slider Windows

  Casement Windows

  Equal Lite Bow Windows

  Bay Windows with Casements

  Garden Windows

  Patio Doors

E-Z Fill® Foam is inside every frame for the

best performance and value.


Vinyl frame windows with E-Z Fill® foam are the most energy-efficient choice – better than aluminum, wood or hollow vinyl. That makes them a good value now and in the future.


Simply adding polyurethane foam to vinyl window frames improves

overall thermal efficiency 3 to 8 percent. That means lower energy costs for you and fewer greenhouse gases to damage the environment.


E-Z Fill® works like the foam used to insulate a cooler, thermos or refrigerator – helping to retain internal temperatures. In addition, E-Z Fill® foam helps to prevent condensation that can lead to unsightly mold and damaged window sills.


Vinyl frame windows

with E-Z Fill® foam

help retain heat and

save on energy costs.





These thermographic images

show resistance to heat loss

in an air-filled window frame,

right, and a frame filled with

E-Z Fill®, left. The dark area

indicates cooler temperatures,

more prominent in the air-filled

frame on the right.

Crown window frames are made with Sunshield®, an

advanced material formulated to withstand the harsh

effects of weather and ultraviolet light.


The environmentally safe Sunshield compound exceeds all required material standards for strength.


•  Third‐party verification to guarantee Sunshield performs well in any climate

•  High‐grade compounding systems provide consistency in formulations for superior reliability

•  Flame spread is slow and products are self‐extinguishing when fire source is removed

•  Products made with Sunshield are efficient to produce and 100% recyclable

Solar Control

Low-E Glass

Solar Control Low-E Glass for lower energy costs.


Cooler In Summer

The transmitted through Solar Control Low-E Glass is almost 51%

less than that transmitted by standard clear insulating glass.

• Lower SHGC numbers mean less summer heat

• Keeps interiors cooler

• Helps reduce cooling energy costs


Warmer In Winter

The winter nighttime U-Value (insulating value) of Solar Control Low-E

Glass is almost 50% better than standard clear insulating glass.

• Lower U-values mean higher performance

• Reduces furnace heat loss

• Helps reduce heating energy costs

Standard Clear Insulating Glass

Super Spacer® – the most advanced insulated glass

system. Super Spacer® is up to 950 time less

conductive than standard aluminum spacer bar.



The No-Metal Super Spacer® Advantages

NO-Metal Super Spacer blocks the heat escape path and

protects the glass edge from moisture and condensation.





A Full Aluminum Spacer

Standard aluminum spacer bar can conduct heat and cold –

causing condensation at the edge of the glass. Convection

currents further concentrate cold air along the bottom edge

of glass making that area the most vulnerable.


Only a 100% foam spacer

design helps keep moisture

off the glass though warm edge technology.


No-Metal Super Spacer® Patented all-foam design dramatically reduces window condensation, delivering the

clearest view.




Full Aluminum Spacer

 With conventional

aluminum spacers,

condensation is a

fact of life.

Insulated Snap Lock Roof System


Snow loads are always a concern in Michigan. Our roof eliminates those concerns.  Crown uses a snap lock panel with high-density foam available in 3”, 4” and 6” thicknesses.  Panels also resist surface damage, chalking and acid rain with a Krystal Kote finish.  Gable and studio options for roof style, and gutter/downspout are included for proper drainage away from your house.

What makes it SUPER?


Exclusive vinyl/wood composite construction


Blends in with all types of architecture


•  Rapid installation system


•  Maintenance free and dent free


•  Colors available: white, almond and clay


•  Built-in electrical raceways

Non-Dent Insulated Panels


Our factory manufactures all roof and wall panels used in our rooms.  Vinyl panels are used as filler above, below and around the windows for strength and premium insulation.  The vinyl skin gives you the benefit of a non-dent panel so you can be worry free while entertaining the children, moving furniture or mowing the lawn.


Six-Inch Poly Deck


Our poly deck consists of panels with 5” insulation sandwiched between two ½” Oriented Strand Boards.  Poly Decks eliminate costly foundation work.  The finishing surface can be carpet, tile or almost any type of flooring.

What makes it SUPER?


Exclusive vinyl/wood composite construction


Blends in with all types of architecture


•  Rapid installation system


•  Maintenance free and dent free


•  Colors available: white, almond and clay


•  Built-in electrical raceways

3 Season Room


Do you want to enjoy the outdoors in a new Patio Room, but don’t need a Super Insulated Wall to do it?... A three season room can be your solution!  Enjoy the outdoors year after year in a room designed and built for you.


Of all the possibilities, few will return as many pleasures as your new room.  It can add increased value to your home, help lower heating and cooling costs and protect your valuable patio furnishings.  All of this can be accomplished for a surprisingly low investment in your home.


Relax in this insulated glass and screen room from early spring through late fall.  Enjoy the outdoors without the bugs, dust and rain. The 3 season room features our great, insulated roof system with a sturdy 2” aluminum wall structure.


Features to extend the seasons


Insulated glass vinyl windows with screen


2" aluminum wall structure


Keeps away the bugs, dust and rain


Blends in with all types of architecture


•  Quick installation system. No contractors hanging

    around for months!


•  Insulated roof system


•  Colors available: white, almond and clay


•  Options for every home and budget


•  A dependable warranty backed by over 60 years as

   a family owned business



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